RPG-F531TG Laser Protective Film

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RPG-F531TG Laser Protective Film can be applied to a gas mask or face shield. Easy to use - the wearer just tilts his or her head down to view through the film.

Available in size 1-inch x 9-inch or 1-inch x 12-inch strips or in bulk.

Our laser protective film provides eye protection against most laser pointers and is appropriate for police, law enforcement and security officers, helicopter and airplane pilots and other workers who may be exposed to laser pointers.

 Specification Sheet: RPG-F531TG (PDF)

RPG-F531TG Film vs. Laser Pointer 532nm 30mW Output Power

Laser pointer used in demonstrations:
532nm 30mW output power

Clear Lens Without RPG-F531TG Film vs. Laser pointer 532nm 30mW output power

Clear Lens With RPG-F531TG Film vs. Laser pointer 532nm 30mW output power

Quantity discounts available on bulk orders.

RPG-F531TG Laser Protective Film will block lasers from OD 4+ @ 200-540nm, taking out the majority of the most  common dazzling nuisance lasers, thus removing the deleterious effect on the Police Officer. RPG-F531TG does not block 550nm and up, which is the Far-Visible and Infra-Red spectrum. With Far-Visible red lasers, a person’s autonomic response should assist the officer in avoiding injury. Infra-Red lasers are invisible and difficult to aim with any accuracy making them less commonly used. The way to best protect from laser attacks is to properly assess the situation and wear the most  appropriate duty gear. 

Installation of RPG-F531TG Film

  • Laser Protective Film 1-inch x 9-inch
  • Made With PVC Material Which Clings to the Shield
  • Blocks UV and Primary Nuisance Lasers
  • High Optical Density (OD 4 @ 200-540nm)
  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT 30%)
  • Washable With Mild Dish Soap and Water
  • Removable and Reusable
  • Custom Sizes Available

Powerful handheld lasers may cause eye injuries. Laser pointers and some laser dazzlers are low-cost and easy to  procure.  Laser pointers cover the majority of the UV Visible and some of the Infrared. The range of these lasers runs from 266-1550nm, and have a tolerance of +/- 10nm. This means a laser pointer may exist at all wavelengths in the  visible light spectrum. Blocking all of these visible lasers results in a lens through which no light can transmit leaving the Police Officer visually impaired. 

RPG-F531TG Laser Protective Film Applied to a Police Helmet

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