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Worldwide and trusted supplier of laser safety eyewear, laser protective barriers and curtains, laser components, and replacement parts including laser accessories for industrial, research and medical applications.

Laser Safety Eyewear Search

Eyewear Search

We make it easy to select laser safety glasses and goggles that fit you perfectly.  Use our laser eyewear search tool to look through hundreds of options.

Laser Barriers & Curtains

Laser Barriers & Curtains

Laser containment systems are available for every need including vertically flat barriers, curved curtains, window coverings, tubes, bellows and laser beam traps.

Laser Safety Glasses for Pilots and Police - Eye Protection From Laser Pointers

Laser Safety Glasses for Pilots

Laser safety glasses for pilots and police for eye protection against green, red and blue laser pointers.

Laser Components

Laser Components

OEM replacement parts for flashlamp pumped lasers, laser rods, flow

Laser Accessories

Laser Accessories

Must-have accessories for your laser laboratory.

Laser Safety Training

Laser Safety Training

Laser safety and LSO training, classroom and online.

Industrial Laser Safety Audits

Laser Safety Audits

On-site industrial, medical and university laser safety audits.

Laser Safe Windows

Laser Safe Windows

for laser safety and color management.

Ultrafast Femtosecond Laser Eyewear

Ultrafast Femtosecond

laser safety eyewear.


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