Optical Table Barriers

We offer several options for building a laser shield on or around an optical table. A full-height floor to ceiling laser barrier curtain could be installed just beyond the table perimeter, or a “half-height” curtain may be designed to cover from the table top to the ceiling. A modular and highly flexible approach to blocking laser beams on an optical table utilizes our Table-Guard™ and Bench-Guard™ mini laser barriers.


Table-Guard™ is based on our exclusive Ever-Guard® laser barrier technology. Tightly engineered beam blocking panels slide easily into table-mounted posts in this modular and extremely flexible table system. The laser user can put a 12-inch high wall or curb around an entire optical table or in other square and rectangular shapes as desired. Table-Guard™ laser barrier panels are hard black anodized to help ensure cleanliness in sensitive environments.

Table-Guard™ Laser Beam Barrier


Bench-Guard™ is also based on Kentek’s Ever-Guard® laser barrier technology. For temporary or permanent bench stops, the Bench-Guard™ panels are quickly attached to any position on your optical table using one or two thumb screws. Several of these small laser barrier panels can be joined in a continuous run using our optional “H-Channel” connectors. Bench-Guard™ laser safety products are hard black anodized.

Bench-Guard™ Laser Beam Barrier

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