Laser Curtain Systems

Enclose your laser work area with a laser safety curtain from Kentek. Our Flex-Guard™ laser screen materials offer protection to 200 Watts per square centimeter. Choose Ever-Guard® for the ultimate in clean room friendly laser beam protection with a rating of up to 1200 Watts per square centimeter. All Kentek laser barriers are built to exacting specifications with durable components and will provide years of service. Laser curtains are available in stock to fit many rooms and can be manufactured to meet custom specifications.

Stock Laser Curtains

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FLEX-GUARD™ Laser Curtains

Low, Medium, High Power Ratings

Flex-Guard™ laser barriers and laser curtains are constructed from heavy-duty, single layer fabrics with matte finish in either standard black color or our professional-looking “Tech Blue”. The materials are notable for flame retardance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and non-fraying characteristics. Laser safety curtain and laser barrier panels are individually sewn with heavy gauge monofilament threads. All seams are double stitched with back-stitched ends to improve strength and durability. Hems and seams are folded flat and pressed before stitching to ensure a “pucker-free” appearance.

EVER-GUARD® Laser Curtains

High Power Ratings

Ever-Guard® all-metal laser barriers and curtains are constructed from uniquely patterned aluminum panels with a special coating that helps block, absorb, and diffuse scattered and direct laser radiation. Designed for high powered laser applications, and suitable for use with lower power lasers, these laser safety curtains offer the laser beam protection of metal and the flexibility normally associated with fabric laser barriers. No other laser curtain on the market has both the ease of use and the high power rating of Kentek’s Ever-Guard® laser barriers.

Laser Curtain Accessories

We have developed an assortment of unique products, many in kit form, for customers to implement minor height adjustments, connect to interlock systems, and perform minor repairs to our curtains.

Custom Curtain Quotes

Our custom curtain builder will guide you through some of the steps in designing and constructing a laser safety or blackout curtain. Kentek's product specialists will develop a quotation based on your input.

Photos of Laser Curtain Hardware Details and Field Installations

Track options, hardware, ceiling suspension, floor drag and field photos of a laser curtain installation.

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