Entry-Guard™ Magnetic Safety Interlock


Cable Exit, Downward

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Entry-Guard™ Magnetic Non-Contact Safety Interlock.  Each interlock has two normally closed contacts for entryway or access panels applications.

Two different parts are shown in the photo: ETG-INLK-L, with left, downward cable exit, and ETG-INLK-R, with right, downward cable exit. These parts are sold individually.  

Select the LEFT or RIGHT interlock orientation depending on which side of the door frame the interlock is to be mounted on and how the cable should exit the interlock.
Example: Stand on the laser designated side and look at the doorway. If the door hinge is on the right side, and you select the LEFT orientation interlock (for installation on the left side), P/N: ETG-INLK-L, the cable will exit the interlock downward, toward the floor. If the LEFT orientation interlock were installed on the right side of the door, the cable would exit upward, toward the ceiling. (Visa versa for a door hinged on the left side.) The cable is flexible and can be guided in any direction after exiting the interlock, so the best choice depends on your requirements.

Safety channel 1 N/C 250 Volts AC, 0.5 Amps
Safety channel 2 N/C 250 Volts AC, 0.5 Amps
MTTFd 470 years
PFHd 2.52 x 10-8
Mechanical reliability B10d 3.3 x 106 operations at 100mA load
Temperature range -13° to 176°F [-25° to 80°C]
Enclosure protection IP67 (NEMA 6)
Recommended gap setting 0.196” [5mm]
Switching distance 0.393” [10mm] Close, 0.866” [22mm] Open

Refer to Specification Sheet for dimensions provided in units of inches and millimeters (in square brackets).

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