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Kentek acquires Laser-Professionals

Kentek Corporation has acquired Laser-Professionals, Inc. (LPI), which has provided the most comprehensive and practical laser safety training and consulting services in the industry since 2004. The Kentek brand has long been known for quality and excellence in products and services. We now bring decades of additional experience building lasers, using lasers, and most importantly, teaching others how to use lasers safely.
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Laser safety eyewear, barriers & signs, laser components, laser replacement parts, laser accessories, medical laser safety eye protection - find these LaserSmart® products and more in the Kentek Laser Store.

Laser Safety

KENTEK offers a wide range of laser safety products including over 500 types of laser safety glasses and laser safety goggles, laser curtains, laser barriers, laser safety warning signs, laser safety windows and acrylic. In addition, KENTEK offers laser safety training with courses for certification as Laser Safety Officer and advanced LSO training.

Laser Components

KENTEK is your source for industrial laser components, parts and services, including laser optics, mirrors, protection disks, laser rods, laser cavities, flow tubes, flash lamps, filter slides and laser cavity replating.

Laser Accessories

  • Need a laser power meter, beam dump, beam trap or beam block? KENTEK has it!
  • Need laser burn paper, try Zap-It paper! KENTEK has it!
  • Need an infrared viewer, UV viewer, or View-It? KENTEK has it!

Laser Safety Training
Kentek Laser Safety Products, Laser Replacement Parts and Laser Accessories

The KENTEK Corporation is a Corporate Member of Laser Institute of America, a professional society dedicated to fostering lasers, laser applications and laser safety worldwide.
Laser Institute of America
The KENTEK Corporation is a member of SPIE, The International Society for Optical Engineering for professionals engaged in the fields of optics, photonics, and optoelectronics technology.