View-It® UV Detector with Stand


Target Aperture Diameter

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View-It ® Ultraviolet Detectors with Optical Table Stands are available with target apertures of 35mm diameter or 95.25mm diameter. The aperture converts invisible 190-390nm light to a visible red-orange with a minimum sensitivity of 1mJ/cm² and a maximum damage threshold of 20J/cm².

The VS-UV and VT-UV-3 require no charging or batteries.

Outside Dimensions
VS-UV (35mm diameter aperture):  47.75mm diameter x 6.35mm width. 
VT-UV-3 (95.25mm diameter aperture): 107.95mm diameter x 6.35 mm width.

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View-It® Ultraviolet Detector Absorbance Curve

View-It® Ultraviolet Detector Absorbance Curve

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