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TRAP-IT™ Laser Beam Dumps cover a broad spectrum of laser applications for trapping the laser beam with unparalleled safety. TRAP-IT™ Laser Beam Dumps are available in a variety of sizes in convection or water cooled models, and can be used with any type of laser.  An adjustable stand for optical table mounting is also available.

Trap-It™ laser beam dumps utilize a dual cone design to eliminate harmful radiation reflected out of the beam dump.
Trap-It™ laser beam dumps are available with varying aperture diameters, up to 4", to accommodate the largest diameter beams in the industry.
Manufactured in the USA and designed for maximum performance and life.

Power Calculations
Choose a beam dump that fits the maximum average power of your laser.
CW Laser: Any output over 50 watts, choose a water cooled Trap-It™.
Pulsed Laser: Multiply the single shot energy by the Rep. Rate to give you the average power. (example: 4.5J per pulse x 100 Rep. Rate = 450 watts).
Q-Switched Lasers: The black, non-reflective coating may be damaged after long exposure. Trap-It™ beam dumps are designed not to reflect the beam outward even if the non-reflective finish has been eroded by exposure.

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