Sizing Guidelines for Pilot and Police Eyewear with Randolph Frames

Look into a mirror and hold a ruler so it is lined up with each temple. Measure the distance between your left and right temples.

Use the chart below to convert your measurement to a frame size that may suit your face:

Suggested Frame Size Your Measurement (temple to temple)
49mm 115mm or 4.5”
52mm 127mm or 5”
54mm 130mm or 5.125
55mm 135mm or 5.25”
57mm 140mm or 5.5”
58mm 146mm or 5.75”
61mm 152mm or 6”
59mm (Raptor only) 140mm or 5.5”

Please note: The fit is more snug with wrap style frames.

Find your current frame size

You could also use the size from a current frame you own. Look on the inside of each
temple to find the size of the frame (see illustration below). The eye size is usually
first, then the bridge size, then temple size.

Note: If the eye size is not on the temple, look under the bridge.