Laser Safety Products & Services

Laser safety products for industrial, medical, educational & research labs include laser eyewear, laser safe glasses, goggles, barriers, curtains and ANSI Z136 compliant signs. Laser safety services include laser safety officer (LSO) training, audits & hazard analysis software.


We manufacture a wide range laser glasses, laser goggles and face shields with laser safe filters. Quickly find eyewear to meet your needs with our Eyewear Search Tool; find eyewear based on protection specifications for OD, wavelength, LB and RB, ANSI, CE EN207, CE EN208 certification requirements, frame style, and glass or poly lenses. Use our Popular Eyewear chart to find eyewear for laser, IPL, and X-ray applications. We offer disposable eye shields for patient eye protection during laser procedures.
  Laser Safety Eyewear Laser Safety Goggles Softie Laser Safety Glasses Laser Safety Glasses Wraparound Spectacle Laser Safety Goggles


Flex-Guard™ and Ever-Guard® free-standing laser barriers are available from stock, can be custom-built, and accommodate our interlock systems.  Our Service Right™ portable laser barriers with options for low and high power lasers provide essential temporary laser safety for service operations.  We also offer Table-Guard™ and Bench-Guard™ laser barriers for optical tables that are easy to configure and change.
  Moveable, Free-Standing Laser Barrier Free-Standing Laser Barriers Laser Barrier with Interlock Access Portable Laser Barrier Portable Service Right Laser Barrier


We offer laser curtains in Flex-Guard™ and Ever-Guard® materials for floor-, wall- or ceiling mounting. Our laser curtains are fully-customizable with options for entryways, interlocks, valences, floor-drag and safety signage. Our custom curtain design and installation will meet your complex configuration and mounting requirements.
  FlexGuard™ Laser Curtain FlexGuard™ Laser Curtain Blackout Curtain Example of a Laser Safety Curtain Floor Mounting Option Example of Laser Safety Curtain Ceiling Mounting Option

Windows - Acrylic & Filter Glass

We offer windows in laser safe acrylic and filter glass for laser safety hazard control and color management. Laser protection specifications for optical density (OD), wavelength, visible light transmission (VLT), ANSI Z136.1, CE EN207, CE EN12254, CE EN60825 certification and RoHS compliance are defined. Acrylic and filter glass windows are available in custom shapes and stock sizes for same-day shipment. Use our Laser Window and Film search tool to quickly find protective windows to meet your requirements.
  Laser Safe Acrylic Window Laser Safe Acrylic Window Laser Safe Acrylic Window Window for Laser Safety Window for Laser Safety

Window Film

Our laser blocking and light filtering removable window films are available for Nd:YAG, Argon, Holmium and UV applications in laboratory, industrial and medical environments. These laser safe films are easy to apply to existing windows facilitating compliance with laser safety standards and requirements.


We offer a variety of enclosures for laser safety, blackout, and environmental quality such as temperature control, air extraction, and particulate management. Enclosures are available in stock and custom configurations, constructed of welded aluminum or aluminum-profile with panels, with sliding or hinged doors and interlock access controls for laser safety, in lift-off configurations and with laser safe windows. In addition, we offer enclosures for Keyence marking lasers with optional fume extraction and interlocks. Our laser enclosure specialists will be glad to provide details and to assist you in identifying enclosures to meet your requirements. Our laser enclosure designs are compliant with ANSI Z136 standards.
  Laser Safe Enclosure Welded Construction with Windows Laser Safe Enclosure with Sliding Doors Enclosure for Keyence Marking Laser Example of Laser Safe Enclosure Enclosure with Laser Safe Acrylic Panels

Access Controls & Interlocks

Our Entry-Guard™ Safety Interlock System (SIS) for Laser Safety provides a fail-safe Access Control System (ACS) with a primary function to enable safe access by authorized personnel and to ensure that unauthorized personnel are prohibited from areas where laser radiation may be present. With an Entry-Guard™ Controller designed for flexible integration with your laser equipment and area to be protected, safe access to the restricted area can be controlled. Magnetic door locks, laser interlocks, keypads, proximity controls and switches with warning signs and labels are incorporated to allow or prevent access depending on the state of the laser equipment. Components of the Entry-Guard™ Safety Interlock System are available separately or in convenient kits for secure, non-secure and mixed access.
  Entry-Guard&trade Laser Safety Interlock Control Panel Entry-Guard&trade Laser Safety Interlock Emergency Switch Entry-Guard&trade Laser Safety Laser Status Safety Sign Entry-Guard&trade Laser Safety Interlock Power Switch Entry-Guard&trade Laser Safety Interlock Access Switch

Laser Safety Signs & Labels

Laser safety danger, warning, caution and notice signs and labels are available for Class 4 lasers, Class 3R and 3B lasers and Class 2 and 2M lasers. Aluminum, plastic, laminated, magnetic and lighted, battery-powered signs are offered in various sizes. Choose from fill-in-the blank and custom-printed options with your text for laser protection specifications as well as all of the required information for laser safety compliance. All laser safety signs meet ANSI Standards Z136.1-2014 and Z535.2 and International Organization for Standardization standards ISO 3864-1 and ISO 3864-2. In addition, for lighted signs, the LED sign module is CE/FCC/ISA Approved/ROHS Compliant/UL Recognized.
  Laser Safety Danger Sign Laser Safety Danger Sign Laser Safety Warning Sign Laser Safety Caution Sign Laser Safety Notice Sign

ANSI Standards

Laser safety standard specifications, printed by the Laser Institute of America (LIA) are available for Laser Safety Officers and other personnel. We offer a number of these publications including "ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers", guides for safe use of lasers in health care, outdoors and in educational institutions. We also offer the LIA guide for selection of laser eye protection, LIA's recommendations for laser safety measurements for hazard evaluation and the LIA general reference guide for laser safety.
  ANSI Z136.3 Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care ANSI Z136.3 Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors ANSI Z136.4 Recommended Practice for Laser Safety Measurements for Hazard Evaluation ANSI Z136.5 Safe Use of Lasers in Educational Institutions Laser Safety Guide

Audits: On-site

Our laser safety auditors have decades of experience performing laser safety audits for research, industry and education. We will examine your laser equipment and facilities, evaluate all aspects of your laser safety program, make recommendations for improvements and provide a detailed written report of all findings with appropriate recommendations to ensure compliance with ANSI Z136.1 “Safe Use of Lasers” Standard. We also offer CDRH certification services for integrated laser systems.

Virtual Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

This is a custom-designed program to provide LSO support services, tools and resources, including laser safety procedures for principal investigators, end-users and other staff at a laser facility. With decades of experience and a deep toolbox, we can provide your facility with laser safety training materials, hazard analysis, expert laser safety advice for audits, laser safety inspection and inventory of Class 3B and 4 lasers. If desired, we can help in the selection of laser safety products, such as eyewear, barriers and interlock systems, for protection of personnel.

LSO Courses and Training

Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training courses are offered in several major USA cities throughout the year. Three levels of laser safety courses are offered for individuals in industrial, research, medical and educational environments with continuing education credit from the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP), the Board of Laser Safety (BLS) and the American Board of Industrial Hygeine (ABIH). Topics include ANSI Standards for laser safety, laser beam characteristics and hazard analysis, laser optics and beam viewing techniques, laser safety during alignment and hazard control measures for laser safety such as eyewear, protective barriers and curtains and interlocks. We provide an overview and course comparison as well as details of course content for Industrial, Administrative and Comprehensive LSO courses.

Laser Hazard Analysis Software

EASY HAZ™ Laser Hazard Analysis software is designed to evaluate laser environments and report laser safety recommendations. It meets and exceeds the needs of students, laser professionals and Laser Safety Officers in education, industry, research and medical environments. Mathematical calculations are completed by the software to provide essential information for Laser Safety professionals and LSOs in every laser environment.