Pump Chambers

Kentek designs and manufactures solid state laser pump chambers for OEM and custom applications. We have standard designs available and the experience to customize based upon your application requirements. Contact Kentek today and put our decades of laser development knowledge to work for you and your application.

Materials - Gold, Silver, Aluminum, S+ Polymer™, E+ Ceramic™, Alumina, Macor®, Barium Sulfate

Reflector Types - Specular, Diffuse, Single Lamp, Dual Lamp, Custom

Integrated Optical Designs - Single bore, Double bore, Triple bore, Optical filter

Integrated Optical Materials - Pyrex, Quartz, Cerium Doped Quartz, Samarium Doped Quartz

Barium Sulfate Packed Chamber

Barium Sulfate Packed: This anodized aluminum housing with stainless steel endplates contains a laser cavity of packed barium sulfate.

Ceramic Cavity Housing

Ceramic Cavity Housing: Kentek’s custom-designed ceramic laser reflectors are housed in all stainless steel pump chambers and include fittings and connectors for water and power.

CW YAG Pump Chamber

Continuous Wave High-Output Nd:YAG Pump Chamber: The anodized aluminum housing incorporates stainless steel endplates and water fittings. With the top opened, one can see the highly polished gold plating on the brass reflector halves. This dual lamp CW high-efficiency imaging laser pump chamber for 7 mm dia. x 6" laser rods has a maximum input of 20 kW and features:

  • Non-conductive UV-resistant housing
  • High-energy specular gold plated imaging lamp couplers
  • Crystal and lamp water jacket for optimum cooling with added UV blocking
  • Rapid change lamp assembly
  • Rated at 600 watts max. output with Nd:YAG laser rod
  • Optical resonator structure
CW YAG Pump Chamber Reflectors

Continuous Wave High-Output Nd:YAG Pump Chamber Reflectors

Delrin Reflector Housing

OEM Continuous Wave Housing: Kentek has experience manufacturing laser pump chambers in non-metallic materials. Pictured here is a standard OEM Delrin housing that is commonly used in university and industrial settings.

UV Curing

UV Curing: Kentek builds specular aluminum reflectors for UV curing systems. The example has an exterior surface that is hard coat anodized.

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