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P/N: ENA-series

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Instructions and Expectations

This custom Aluminum Profile Laser Enclosure builder is presented to guide you, our customer, through some of the steps in designing and constructing a laser safe enclosure or box.  You will create a set of input information that our product team will use to develop a quotation for your consideration.  You may write in any special requirements in the “Other Instructions” box at the bottom of the selections list. For special shapes, mixed heights, or other challenges presented by your application, it might be best to call us directly.

Enclosure Size

The standard dimensions we offer are outside dimensions. To estimate inside dimensions, subtract approximately 1” from each outside measurement. If you have particular requirements for internal working space or clearances, please indicate these in your notes or follow up your request for quote submission with a phone call to Kentek.


We construct this series of enclosures using 1” aluminum profile with channels that support the walls or panels of the box. The panels are inserted well into the profile channels to eliminate risk of laser radiation emanating from the enclosure. The front of your enclosure for purposes of quoting is determined by the placement of the door. Left and right panels are determined as you view the front panel.

Panel Materials

Choose panels that are appropriate for your laser application. The technical sales consultants at Kentek are always available to help you with any calculations you may need.

Aluminum: We use 1/8" solid aluminum for our standard laser blocking panels in this profile type of enclosure construction.

CO2 Laser Acrylic: OD 6+ @10,600 nm. See p/n ACRK-CO2

YAG Laser Acrylic: OD 6+ @1064 nm. See p/n ACRX-6NDYQ

Broadband Acrylic: OD 6+ @532 nm, OD 5+ @1064 nm. See p/n ACRX-BB2

Other: choose from any of our laser windows.

Base Plate

Our standard base plate, provided as an option, measures ¼ inch in thickness with dimensions to match the enclosure it supports.

Interlock as Option

An interlock set can be integrated into any of our enclosures as an option. These switches enhance safety by detecting open access points using a non-contact, magnetic reed proximity switch.

Other Instructions

Provide additional information that may be useful in generating a quotation. Describe if possible where the curtain attaches to walls or other surfaces and tell us if those attachment points should be fixed or if one or both should be constructed to allow for entry into the safety zone.

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