Laser Curtain Access Points

Choose From 9 Standard Laser Access Point Styles or Customize Your Own!

There are many elements to think about when designing curtains for a laser area, but one that often gets overlooked is how to gain access into the laser area. We offer 9 standard laser curtain access point styles, ranging from simple curtain overlaps to secured access-controlled doorways, and we will customize to meet your requirements.

Laser Curtain Access Points - Standard Styles

  • Rigid Magnetic Door
    The Rigid Magnetic Door (RMD) can be used with most Flex-Guard® and Ever-Guard® laser barrier curtain systems. The RMD creates an entry point for a Laser Controlled Area and can be mounted either into the curtain run or terminated at a wall. It is the best solution for high traffic areas or when secured access is required. Entry buttons, keypads or electromagnetic locks can be mounted directly to the door system and wired to an access control system.
  • Shared Grommet Overlap
    The Shared Grommet Overlap works with our Flex-Guard® laser barrier curtains. It consists of two curtain sections sharing common grommets along the top, overlapping each other by 12-inch. This creates an overlap that can be separated and passed through. The curtains then hang back to their overlapping position, keeping the opening light tight. The Overlap entry is not recommended when interlocks are prescribed. 
  • 9-Inch Single Bypass
    The 9-Inch Single Bypass is created by installing a special roller assembly with a 9-inch projecting arm that allows one curtain panel to move behind a second conventionally mounted curtain panel. The hardware is shaped to enable a 9-inch overlap when the two curtain panels are pulled into the closed position. The two panels are easily separated for entry or egress.
  • 18-Inch Double Bypass
    The 18-Inch Double Bypass utilizes two pieces of specialized roller hardware to allow curtain panels to overlap each other. Each roller assembly has a 9-inch projecting arm that allows one curtain panel to move behind another panel, creating an 18-inch overlap when the curtain is in the closed position. The double bypass can be fitted with a micro switch to interlock the curtain.
  • Velcro®
    Velcro® brand hook and loop fasteners, 1-inch width, may be used to create an access point in a laser barrier curtain. Curtain panels may be joined together with hook and loop along their entire height, or the fasteners may be used to connect a curtain to a wall or other fixed point.
  • Zipper
    Zipper access points are available for our flexible and our metal curtains. Pull the zipper up to open the panels, pull the zipper down to close. The area can be secured with a lock between the zipper pull and an optional D-ring at the curtain bottom, but you should ensure your lab has adequate emergency egress.

  • Magnetic Zipper
    The Magnetic Zipper access point is fabricated with specially designed strips of rare earth magnets sewn onto adjacent curtain panels. These strips are strong enough to keep the laser curtain light tight, but users can pull apart and open the curtain panels with relative ease. Separate the curtain panels and walk through; the curtains will hang back to their original positions and the magnetic strips will close together with no need for manual alignment.

  • Half-Zip
    Custom combinations of Zipper and Velcro® or Zipper and Magnetic Zipper are used when tall curtains need to be opened fully to allow for equipment to be moved in and out of the Laser Controlled Area. In these situations, completely unzipping the curtain is difficult because the curtain top is out of reach; having a combination of a Zipper and Velcro® or Magnetic Zipper allows the curtain to be unzipped to a designated height and then the Velcro® or Magnetic Zipper is separated the rest of the way.

Curtain ends can be manufactured with Hi Vis reflective tape to indicate overlap location or entrance location.


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