Laser Cavity Refurbishment

Tarnished or damaged laser cavities can be returned to "as new" condition using our proprietary processes. Each reflector part is stripped, the base metal surface is inspected for irregularities, and surface re-machining is performed as required to attain application performance, including specular or diffuse reflection properties.

Gold finishes – Gold finishes are highly reflective throughout the infrared spectrum and do not tarnish or oxidize over time. This is the "workhorse" finish for higher power industrial laser applications.

Silver finishes – Silver finishes provide high reflectance over a broad wavelength spectrum.  Silver reflectors are ideal for applications that require pumping ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelengths.

Aluminum finishes – Aluminum finishes provide the best ultraviolet reflectance. Aluminum reflectors generally are used for non-laser ultraviolet sterilization applications.

Send us a picture along with overall dimensions or your product for a free quote on refurbishment. We have the tools and knowledge to disassemble and assemble a wide variety of OEM systems.

Refurbished and Manufactured Laser Parts and Cavities

Refurbished and Manufactured Laser Parts and Cavities: Kentek refurbishes, custom designs, and builds all types of solid state laser cavities.

Reworked Gold Laser Reflector

Reworked Gold Laser Reflector: Our proprietary 42-step refurbishment process yields gold reflectors of superior quality.

Old Useless Laser Parts

Some things we can't repair.  But, send it to us anyway!

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