Cavities & Reflectors

Cavities & Reflectors

Kentek manufactures custom and standard reflector designs for the laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) markets. We have a long history of product development and a wide selection of standard designs that cover a broad range of applications.


Gold, Silver, Aluminum, S+ Polymer™, E+ Ceramic™, Alumina, Macor®, Barium Sulfate

Reflector Type

Specular, Diffuse, Single Lamp, Dual Lamp, Custom

Integrated Optical Designs

Single Bore, Double Bore, Triple Bore, Optical Filter

Integrated Optical Materials

Pyrex, Quartz, Cerium Doped Quartz, Samarium Doped Quartz

Dual Ellipse Ceramic Reflector

Dual Ellipse Ceramic Reflector: Top and bottom halves of a dual ellipse ceramic reflector. This design incorporates water flow across the flooded cavity.

Laser Cavities - Ceramic Reflectors and Ceramic Insulators

Laser Cavities: Kentek manufactures both stock and customized laser cavity reflectors in several materials and most any design. Samples of ceramic reflectors and ceramic insulators are shown here.

Small Laser Reflector

Small Laser Reflector: Kentek can expertly machine very small reflectors with tight tolerances.

Ceramic Reflectors and Ceramic Insulators

Ceramic Reflectors and Insulators: Various ceramic reflectors and insulators.

Cavity Reflector Graph

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