Flow Tubes

Kentek has developed an extensive database of flow tubes for medical, industrial, and research applications. We have the ability to manufacture custom flow tubes to your specifications in small or large volumes. Choose from a wide selection of materials from extruded to machined we have the ability to manufacture just about anything you can imagine.


  • Single bore
  • Elliptical bore
  • Double bore
  • Triple bore
  • Custom design
  • Flow tube assemblies


  • Pyrex®
  • Clear Fused Quartz
  • Cerium Doped Quartz
  • Samarium Doped Quartz
  • Synthetic Fused Quartz
  • Titanium Doped Quartz.

Coatings - We can provide antireflection coatings to boost linear diode pumped applications. We can also manufacture elliptical shaped flow tubes and provide a highly reflective gold or silver coating with an overcoat to protect against environmental conditions.



Flow Tubes: Flow tubes come in many shapes and sizes. We manufacture single bore, double bore, triple bore and elliptical shapes. We can affix components from various materials to the flow tubes to create application-specific assemblies.

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