FLEX-GUARD® Laser Curtains

Low, Medium, High Power Ratings

Flex-Guard® laser curtains are constructed from heavy-duty, single layer fabrics with matte finish in either standard black color or our professional-looking “Tech Blue”. The materials are notable for flame retardance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and non-fraying characteristics. Laser safety curtain and laser barrier panels are individually sewn with heavy gauge monofilament threads. All seams are double stitched with back-stitched ends to improve strength and durability. Hems and seams are folded flat and pressed before stitching to ensure a “pucker-free” appearance.

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  • Flex-Guard™ Curtain 1
    Flex-Guard® Curtain 1
  • Flex-Guard™ Curtain 2
    Flex-Guard® Curtain 2
  • Flex-Guard™ Curtain 3
    Flex-Guard® Curtain 3
  • Flex-Guard™ Curtain 4
    Flex-Guard® Curtain 4
  • Flex-Guard™ Curtain 5
    Flex-Guard® Curtain 5
  • Flex-Guard™ Curtain Track Roller
    Flex-Guard® Curtain 6
  • Flex-Guard™ Curtain Track Roller
    Flex-Guard® Curtain 7

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