Flash Lamps

Kentek has over 500 linear lamps documented for use in medical, research, and industrial application. We stock numerous lamps for well-known intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser systems. We can also build lamps to your supplied specifications, call us for a free consultation.

Clear Fused Quartz (CFQ) - The most economical and commonly used form of quartz. CQF does not have the ability to filter UV light and should be used in conjunction with other filters to protect internal components within the laser. Transmission range 200-4,250nm, 50% Transmission cutoff.

Cerium Doped Quartz (CDQ) - Quartz with a 6% cerium oxide dopant that filters UV wavelengths and fluoresces a light blue light. This feature has been known to boost Neodymium efficiency up to 15%. Transmission range 360-4,250nm, 50% Transmission cutoff.

Synthetic Fused Quartz (SFQ) - Made from synthetically produced and exceptionally pure silicon compounds. SFQ resists solarization better than any other quartz. Transmission range 160-4,250nm

Gas Fill - Krypton • Xenon • Mixture of both

Operation - Continuous wave • Pulsed

Flash Lamps

Flash Lamps: We custom-build flash lamps - small quantities, large quantities, laser lamps, UV lamps, IPL lamps.

Flash Lamps

Flash Lamps: From the top: JK Lumonics lamp with flex leads, a rigid base connector for a pulsed laser, flex leads with no base connector, and a second rigid base connector design.

Flash Lamps

Flash Lamps: Mainly older lamp types.

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