Field Hospital Privacy Partition 4'W x 7'H


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Field Hospital Privacy Paritions are made of durable white fabric with aluminum frames and feet.  Easy to assemble in 5 minutes or less.

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  • Fabric is heavy-duty and flexible, providing a soft, fixed partition.
  • Fabric is opaque for privacy.
  • Fabric is strong and fluid-resistant.
  • Panels can be used individually or linked together to create a longer partition.
  • Fabric can be cleaned with alcohol (up to 100%) or with a solution of 30% bleach without disassembly. Wipe with water after cleaning with alcohol or bleach.
  • Low profile feet for reduced tripping hazard.
  • Lightweight
  • Free-Standing & Portable: Partitions are very easy to move, adjust position and transport.
  • Easy to collapse and economical to ship.
  • Made in USA

Stock Particion Panels, 6 feet wide and 7 feet high, are also available.

Curtains, constructed from the same white fabric, are available with floor-, ceiling- and wall-mounting options in curtain track and bypass configurations and in both standard stock and custom sizes.

We manufacture stock and custom Partitions and Curtains in our USA facility.

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