ACR-VP5151-X Laser Viewing Panel Custom Size

P/N: ACR-VP5151-X
  • Window MaterialPolymer
  • ProtectionOD 7 @ 200-400nm
    OD 7 @ 850-1100nm
    OD 5 @ 9000-10600nm

    D AB8 + IRM AB3 KTK 180-315 CE
    D AB5 + I AB8 + RM AB7 KTK 316-428 CE
    D AB5 + IRM AB6 KTK 429-441 CE
    DIRM AB1 KTK 669-713 CE
    DIRM AB3 KTK 740-1115 CE
    DIRM AB4 KTK 761-1102 CE
    DIRM AB5 KTK 779-1050 CE
    D AB5 + IRM AB7 KTK 811-1050 CE
    D AB5 + I AB8 + RM AB7 KTK 828-1050 CE
    D AB4 + IRM AB5 KTK 1050-1092 CE
    D AB4 + IRM AB6 KTK 1050-1084 CE
    D AB4 + IRM AB7 KTK 1050-1077 CE
    D AB4 + I AB8 + RM AB7 KTK 1050-1071 CE
    D AB2 + IR AB3 KTK 2710-2970 CE
    D AB2 + IR AB3 KTK 5370-12000 CE
  • StandardsANSI Z136.1
    CE EN12254
  • TransmissionVLT 50
Custom Size
Custom Width in Inches (48" max)
Custom Height in Inches (96" max)
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The ACR-VP5151 Laser Protective Viewing Panel is a utilitarian solution for demanding environments accepting of cosmetic imperfections. Minor surface aberrations exist, a roller wave that is visible in the reflections of the window. Minimal dispersion of power. A useful, low-cost solution for the practical applications in which some cosmetic imperfections are inconsequential. Sizes up to 4 feet by 8 feet.

For CO2, Diode, Excimer, Fiber, Nd:YAG, and Near IR laser applications.

Size: Custom size. Dimensional tolerance ± 0.125 inch.
Thickness: 0.125 inches ± 0.015 inch
Available in custom sizes up to 48 x 96 inches.

Color: green

Meets ANSI Z136, CE 12254, RoHS, REACH

LaserSmart®, Made in USA


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