ElectroViewer 7215 Premium

P/N: EV-7215P, EV-7215PS

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ElectroViewer 7215 Premium with a case. Viewing range of 400nm-1500nm.
Available in 2 models: Battery-powered (P/N EV-7215P) or with an AC adapter and a toggle switch (P/N EV-7215PS).

Optional accessories:

  • CCTV Adapter unit (P/N EV-CCTVLEN)
  • Close-up Lens set, which allows focusing to 4-6 inches. (P/N EV-CLS)
  • Visible-Light Cut Filter (P/N EV-VLCF)
  • Extension Tube allows focusing to 1-2 inches. (P/N EV-XT)

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Spectral Response Curve for ElectroViewer

ElectroViewer Spectral Response

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