Class 4 WARNING Label - Laser Controlled Area - Custom


Your text for Line 1.
Your text for Line 2.
Your text for Line 3.
OD @ Wavelength (Line 1)
OD @ Wavelength (Line 2)
OD @ Wavelength (Line 3)
Laser type:
Power value (enter a number):
Laser Safety Officer's Name:
Laser Safety Officer's Phone Number:
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Class 4 WARNING Laser Controlled Area vinyl labels are custom printed with your precautionary instructions, OD @ wavelength and other information in place of the text shown in green in the photo.  Click More Images for a clearer view.  

This WARNING Class 4 Laser Controlled Area label is also available with blank lines and spaces to be filled in by hand.  See the stock version. 

Meets Z136.1-2014, Z535.2, ISO 3864-1 and ISO 3864-2.

Class 4 WARNING Label - Laser Controlled Area - Custom

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